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Civil War comes to the Marvel Universe

November 26, 2015


The trailer for Captain America: Civil War has hit and most of the reaction thus far has been more than positive. This is of course Marvel Studios' third installment in the Captain America series and could actually be called Avengers 2.5, considering the amount of characters that should be affected by the events in the film.


As I watched the trailer, it became very clear that this story will focus more on the direct conflict between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Funny how this one is not being called Captain Amerca v Iron Man, however.


It's not to take a jab at Marvel's Distinguished Competition of course, only to remind everyone that DC seemed hell-bent on putting Batman at odds with Superman from the jump.


Instead of getting a new Batman film that would guest star Big Blue or perhaps even see The Justice League's formation by the end, Warner Brothers instead opted to throw these two legends in the ring against each other.


It is practically WrestleMania season after all.


But Marvel went the other way with its properties; establishing each character separately then bringing them together for The Avengers. The formula worked and in the seven years since the first Iron Man, fans have a very clear understanding of Marvel's cinematic universe.


There is a very real continuity, a depth of story that permeates throughout every Marvel movie. Fans know what they're getting when they go to see a new Marvel production, as each film feels like a continuation of the overall story.


Captain America and Iron Man are two very integral parts of that story of course and now the animosity that has been brewing between the two for years will finally explode on the big screen. Truth be told, it was bound to happen.


Stark and Rogers are fundamentally two different people. They view the world from very different perspectives and their individual ideas of justice may not match on any given day. Much in the same way that Batman and Superman exist in the DC Universe, Cap and Iron Man are the yin and yang for Marvel.


But unlike DC's situation, Cap and Iron Man are not meant to destroy each other. The relationship between Batman and Superman is a very unique one, one that is Shakespearean in nature. Like Brutus, Batman seems destined to bring down Superman, the Julius Caesar of the DC Universe.


They can never fully exist in the same reality because their personalities and ideologies dictate their adversarial nature. No matter how much they may want to, the World's Finest cannot manage to move past their differences.


Captain America and Iron Man will always have a difference of opinion as well but it's a different vibe. 


Tony Stark is not Bruce Wayne in this situation. He does not seek to gain leverage over Cap or be in a position to take him down if necessary. Cap poses no threat to humanity because minus the Super Soldier Serum, he's just an ordinary man.


The two have respect for each other and at the end of the day, they both want the same thing for the world. Civil War will see conflicts arise like never before and the friendship they have will be strained to the breaking point but eventually, they will come back together.


But in the meantime, Civil War is just the beginning of Marvel's upheaval and likely every film afterward will be affected by it. Fans will finally get to see the epic showdown of Shell-Head versus The First Avenger and Marvel will wait to see how the film is received.


Pitting two popular characters against each other can be risky but hopefully the story is right and the action is on par with what Marvel has done thus far. If anyone can do a film of this scale and do it justice, it's Marvel Studios.


It's what they do best.



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