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Legends of Tomorrow Set to Impress in DC's TV Universe

December 8, 2015


DC Comics' television is in good hands with Greg Berlanti and his next project promises to be another hit. Legends of Tomorrow will premiere in January of 2016 and is the result of storylines that have played out on Berlanti's other two hits, Arrow and The Flash.


Berlanti is the Zack Snyder of DC's small screen, as he has tackled every show head on with incredible creativity and has connected to audiences better than perhaps anyone could have hoped for.


In fact, Snyder should hope he has half the impact with his big screen projects that Berlanti has had on TV.


Legends of Tomorrow is the culmination of work done on two highly successful series. Without Arrow and The Flash, LOT would quite simply not have been possible. But now that it is, there can be no doubt it has more than a good chance of impressing the fans.


As with every other comic book adaptation, the story has to be right and this one definitely seems to be.


Vandal Savage is the primary antagonist of this new show, and his first appearance on The Flash was extremely well done. On a show that tends to be light hearted and family friendly, Savage was somewhat of a shock to the system, as he killed from the moment he hit the screen.


Casper Crump is expertly cast in this role and he brings a sinister edge to the character. He could have easily portrayed Savage as being very over the top, even cartoonish, but he chose a different route.


Savage could easily have been a James Bond villain, only much darker.


This is ultimately what makes the character work and gives the unlikely band of heroes something to rally against. Of course the heroes themselves are not all really heroes, which makes LOT much more intriguing than the work Berlanti has done thus far.


Legends of Tomorrow is not the typical group of protagonists because of Heatwave and Captain Cold's inclusion. Flash's two villains are somewhat out of place here but it's a situation that is so different it should make for some interesting television.


Wentworth Miller did a top notch job as Cold on The Flash, turning the B-villain into a definite A-lister. He is too overdramatic to be believed yet it somehow fits and at this point, there is really no other way to present the character.


Dominic Purcell is Heatwave and he is the epitome of the career criminal. There is nothing redeeming about him and where his partner Captain Cold is devious yet charming, he is nothing short of thuggish. 


Both will be working alongside The Atom, Firestorm, White Canary, Hawkman and Hawkgirl on what should be a combustible team. With Rip Hunter at the helm, The Legends of Tomorrow will likely be DC's version of The Expendables.


There's a lot of heart, loyalty and action but their missions are not for the faint of heart. But a force comprised of both good and bad may be exactly what is needed to take down such a vicious threat like Vandal Savage.


The team is not typical but neither is their villain, as Savage is a time-travelling immortal. That fact alone should make for some very interesting moments and fans are surely hopeful this one will be the hit they've come to expect so far from Berlanti.


With Supergirl on CBS and the third in CW's adaptations coming with LOT, the Berlanti-verse is exploding. DC's television is definitely in very good hands.


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