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Spider-Man Will get the Platform he Deserves Next to The Avengers

December 9, 2015


Many fans are highly anticipating Captain America: Civil War and with very good reason. This is the one that finally pits Cap against Iron Man, the one that promises to split The Avengers in half. It may not be the storyline from comics but the central premise is the same; teammates wage war over personal convictions while trying to maintain thier own individual sense of morality.


Of course there's also Spider-Man; that part is pretty sweet, too.


This is what a good number of the Marvel fanbase is anxious about and the excitement just keeps building with each passing day. After all, we've seen The Avengers and we've seen them fight in epic battles.


But we've never seen Spider-Man sharing the same screen with them. Truth be told he might as well have been a DC creation, he was so far away from them. However the timing was finally right and now Web-head will join Earth's Mightiest Heroes on the big screen.


It's a moment that many likely believed would never happen. Even with the advent of Marvel Studios, it seemed like an impossibility the character would ever be freed from the death-grip of Sony Pictures.


But because both studios managed to reach an agreement and considering the last two Spider-Man films received their fair share of criticism, the webslinger is coming to the same screen as The Avengers. 


It's the right move for the character because Spider-Man should be included in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. He is arguably the most popular of the company's characters and he has such a deep connection to so many fans all over the world; he deserves the platform that The Avengers shine on.


No longer will Marvel's top hero be relegated to a tiny corner of the universe, meant to exist alone with just the whispers of a larger world around him. Now he can have the crossover that he would easily have in a comic and this is only the beginning.


19 year old Tom Holland will portray Spider-Man both in Civil War and in another reboot of the character, set to release in 2017. While Andrew Garfield was entertaining when he wore the red and blue, the fact is many fans were just not happy with the overall product.


Marvel now has the opportunity to start fresh and get back to the character's roots, making Spider-Man young once again. He can now connect to the younger audience as he will be the new face next to Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans, veteran Marvel mainstays.


This is Marvel's chance to finally to do the character justice, to get it right on their terms and that is what fans are surely hoping for.


If Holland brings humanity to the role, if he can hold his own next to the established actors around him, then there is every reason to believe Spider-Man will succeed like he perhaps never has before. 


Fans deserve the best that Marvel can offer and Spider-Man sharing the same screen as The Avengers just cannot be topped. Despite what capacity he appears, whether it's a brief cameo or an extended presence, it will truly be a historic moment for Marvel.


The Avengers is enough to make the movie great but Spider-Man is more than enough to make the movie special and that's surely what he will do.

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