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X-Men: Apocalypse Should Deliver for Marvel's Mutant Franchise

December 13, 2015


The X-Men: Apocalypse trailer has finally dropped and it does appear that Marvel has a hit on its hands. Once again the true essence of the books seems to have been captured and that bodes exremely well for fans.


This is what happens when the creative forces behind the project understand the source material and cast the right actors for the right parts. 


Bryan Singer is back in the director's chair and he brings with him 15 years of experience handling Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's iconic characters. Like Joss Whedon with The Avengers, Singer knows these people, knows how they should relate to each other and knows how to make it accesible for the masses.


James McAvoy is back as Professor X and he is truly the anchor of this latest series. He brings a very human take to the character, delivering a great performance on par with that of Patrick Stewart.


The same can be said of Michael Fassbender as Magneto, as he is a very complicated character that is more of a sympathetic villain than a power mad destroyer. He is the opposite of Charles Xavier yet he's also just a few steps away from being Xavier himself.


Jennifer Lawrence is back as Mystique and she softens up the franchise quite a bit, though she is as complicated as Magneto. Evan Peters is Quicksilver once again and he should be a nice bit of comic relief while Olivia Munn is on board this time around as Psylocke.


But the real story with this latest X-Men project is the big bad, Apocalypse. 


Apocalypse is being portrayed as the first mutant, the one that all others are supposed to follow. Like any powerful foe bent on world domination, Apocalypse will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and that will likely mean not only the annihilation of the human race but also any mutants that may oppose him.


Still photos of Oscar Isaac in full Apocalypse gear found their way online a few months back and fan response was not positive overall. He seemed too small and much too human, to be believed. But the trailer itself has quite possibly removed any doubts as he does indeed appear to be larger than life.


The key is of course the story and if history has shown us anything with The X-Men, it's that the storytelling is always on point. The right guy is in charge, the right cast is in place and as long as the plot is right then it should be another great chapter for Marvel's merry mutants.

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