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J.J. Abrams Brought New Hope to the Star Wars Franchise

December 22, 2015


J.J. Abrams had an immense challenge in front of him; he was to take the most beloved movie franchise in history and add the next chapter. Not only was he supposed to breathe new life into it but he was also supposed to try and do it while erasing memories of the last three films from the minds of frustrated fans the world over.


He succeeded on every level.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has shattered box office records and will likely continue to do so as the days pass. Moviegoers are seeing it multiple times, not because they missed something the first time around but because they just can't get enough of it.


The same vibe that captivated the country when the original trilogy was in theaters is now taking over once again and fans everywhere are absolutely mesmerized by it. This is what going to the movies is supposed to be, this is the kind of fun fans are supposed to have and Abrams is the guy that made it happen.


The story had to be right of course and it was. It was action packed and extremely intense from start to finish. The casting had to be right and it very much was, with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega fitting in as if they've always been there.


But Abrams had to have the right vision to make it all come to life, he had to understand the franchise to its very core and be able to deliver a film that would hold true to the elements that made it popular.


Star Wars is American mythology, it's at the center of who we are as a people, it represents the best of us and what we can be. It's the story of the dreamer in all of us, that inner voice desperate to get out and be heard.


It's a story of hope and faith and when that kind of story has been embedded into American pop culture for so many years, it takes a special visionary to even approach it. Abrams did so with respect and reverance for the original source material; he continued the story and he did so with the love a fan would give it.


Not even George Lucas himself could do that with the last trilogy.


Lucas became a caricature of himself, a guy that had completely lost touch with his own creation. He was unable to reconnect with his fanbase, a fanbase that wanted new Star Wars in their lives. He gave them a weak Disney-dipped version of Star Wars before Disney bought Lucasfilm while Abrams has now given us an evolved Star Wars that held true to the original.


Star Wars now has new life, with an exciting new direction and new characters that have seamlessly blended into that universe. Fans wanted this, fans deserved this and JJ Abrams is the man to thank for it.


Abrams was the new hope that bought the franchise back and this is definitely the return of the Jedi.

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