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Mythbusters Leaves a Grateful Generation of Nerds Behind

January 4, 2016


TV shows get cancelled. It's a fact of life, one that a good number of people have a very hard time dealing with. This is especially true when a beloved show has become such a part of their lives, to the point they can't imagine not having it.


Mythbusters is that kind of show and it will absolutely be missed.


To imagine Mythbusters would ever get the ax seemed highly improbable. The show put Discovery on the map, giving a welcome respite from alien conspiracies and trendy reality shows of the day. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman brought urban legends and age-old myths to the harsh scrutiny of science and they had a blast doing it.


This was a show for the nerds, the crowning achievement that proved being smart can be not only fun but interesting all at the same time. Mythbusters gave viewers an inside look into a world they had never seen before and answered questions they always had.


Eventually Mythbusters created a whole new generation of nerds and did so proudly.


The show became part of our everyday vernacular, the anecdote to puzzling questions asked during regular conversations. "Well, that's not true; they proved it on Mythbusters." Countless times the show has settled debates and countless times it left us wanting more.


The contributions of Grant, Kari and Tory cannot be denied here. They may have began as just a supporting cast but they soon became an integral part of the show. The audience saw three different people from three different walks of life bust one myth after another; they represented the everyday Joe watching from home.


Adam was indeed the life of the show however, as his spirit and youthful energy always came through on every episode. He was the Paul McCartney to Jamie's stoic John Lennon, the guy that always had a smile and witty banter to offer the camera. He just looked as though he loved his job and fans loved that about him.


Jamie was funny in his own way of course, with a very dry sense of humor that made him more of a character than anyone on the show. But the common denominator for both men aside from their scientific curiosity and Hollywood background was their know-how.


Adam and Jamie were the Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla of nerd culture, inventing a warehouse full of gadgets, weapons and devices that defied understanding. They made the impossible possible, they gave new life to old ideas and they tackled one unbelievable myth after another.


Most importantly however, they entertained as they did it. Mythbusters is a show that can be turned on any time on any day and it almost always makes for a fun watch. So how do you say goodbye to a show like that?


The only way you can is with a monster marathon, which is exactly what Discovery Science Channel is doing. Every episode of the show is on display and it's all leading to the 14th and final season.


This is one that fans don't want to see go. The reruns will always be there of course but no new episodes mean no new myths, no new Hollywood action to dissect. Mythbusters always delivered for its audience and that audience will never forget just how fun the journey was.


Yes, that has indeed been confirmed.

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