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Deadpool Impresses in New Red Band Trailer

January 5, 2016


With every glimpse fans get of him, the more they're convinced that Ryan Reynolds is absolutely going to kill it as Deadpool. This has never been truer than right now, as the Red Band trailer for Marvel's Merc with a Mouth hit the net last week and impressed on every level.


Reynolds is expertly cast, the action is spot-on and the humor is pitch perfect. Barring some unforseen issues, Deadpool should be a monster hit for Marvel. Whether or not it will break records or overchieve at all is anyone's guess but so far everything looks good.


Marvel doesn't venture much into the Rated R world. The Punisher is a great example of an adult themed hero that had all the elements of getting over with fans but ultimately fell short of critical expectations.


But with Marvel's Netflix universe fully established, the company has proven that these types of characters can translate perfectly when handled by the right creators with the right vision. 


If the same holds true here, then Deadpool should be a massive hit. Though trailers only give moviegoers a peek of what's to come, there is every reason to believe Deadpool will be everything fans want and more when it hits theaters on February 12.

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