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Spider-Man Swings into Marvel's Cinematic Universe

March 12, 2016


The third cinematic incarnation of Spider-Man is swinging into theaters on May 6 in Captain America: Civil War. Comic book fans already knew this, of course. But what they didn't know was just exactly what the Marvel Studios version would look and sound like.


But now they know.


The latest trailer for Civil War has exploded online, leaving the world with much to talk about. The Webslinger has been exposed, the secret's out and everyone is currently debating whether or not they like it.


That's right, some people are not happy with what they've seen from Spider-Man version three.


The first thing that jumps out about the new Spidey is the suit. The eyes are obviously CG, which is something new for the Wall Crawler. Much like Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, Tom Holland's performance will be enhanced with this added feature, and should elicit positive feedback.


But not everyone feels that way.


The suit is a throwback to the original image from the books, and the 1960's cartoon. The spider on his chest is much smaller and the colors appear to be true to the iconic red and blue that many fans grew up with. Gone is the raised webbing from the other two cinematic costumes, in favor of the classic black.


This has also not gotten over with everyone at this point.


While it's impossible to please everybody, the fact is this was the absolute best move Marvel could have made here. The suits worn by both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield felt very manufactured, very adapted.


It seemed like Hollywood's attempt to make the character look extremely real and plausible but it was a bit overdone on both counts.


Spider-Man is a simple character leading a very complex life. His costume should be unassuming, yet spectacular at the same time. He should look like a kid wearing a realistic suit that belies the amazing abilities he possesses.


The new costume embodies all of these traits and much more.


Even Holland's voice in the trailer is on point; he sounds cautiously friendly because he knows he's in over his head. But he also sounds respectful of the heroes that stand before him. There's no way to know right now if Holland does indeed nail the character just from this single scene alone, but there is good reason to be optimistic.


Fans have always wondered what Spider-Man would look like inside Marvel's Cinematic Universe, without the "outside" treatment of both the suit and the character. Now it's apparent that Marvel's intentions are to get him back to his roots, and pay homage to the classic look as well.


Spider-Man is the most iconic character in Marvel history, and arguably the most popular one in comic book history. He deserves to be alongside the other historic characters that have already received respect on the silver screen.


It's time to tell Spider-Man's story the right way, within the right universe. He's in very capable hands this time, and this should be a ride for the ages. That's something every fan can agree on.

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