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Captain America: Civil War Delivers the Real Spider-Man

May 10, 2016


Spider-Man is Marvel Comics. He epitomizes everything that is good and real about the company, and there is arguably no other character that embodies the spirit of Marvel like everyone's favorite webhead.


Spider-Man is a universally recognized hero, whose face is known throughout the world. Had he had been the only character Stan Lee had ever created, Lee would still be considered a comic book genius. There can be no overstating the impact that Spider-Man has had on the medium, as well as pop culture itself.


Now the real Spider-Man has finally come to life on the big screen.


After seeing Tom Holland's performance in Captain America: Civil War, it's obvious that this is the Spider-Man the world has been waiting for. Marvel Studios has taken Spider-Man back to his roots, and it was a brilliant move on their part.


Peter Parker should be a kid. He should be an awkward nerd in his early teens, struggling to balance his regular life with his alter-ego. There is nothing cool about Peter, and there should be no reason why he would ever stand out from the crowd.


Peter is like most kids his age, and therein lays the character's greatness.


Marvel's most popular heroes have traditionally always been regular people dealing with an everyday existence that's been impacted by superhuman problems. This is exactly who Spider-Man is. 


It's not bad enough that Peter has to endure the bullying and insecurity that goes along with being an introverted teenager in a public high school. He's also got the stress of his homelife, where his Aunt May is doing what she can to provide for him.


But on top of all that, he's got powers he didn't want and a city that's divided on whether or not he's a hero or a criminal.


Holland managed to capture the entire Spider-Man character in the short time he was in Civil War. From the moment he first appears as Peter in May's Queens apartment to his first scene as Spider-Man in the airport battle, Holland completely owns the role.


Holland is Peter Parker, and he was so authentic in his delivery that he seems to have jumped right out of Lee and Steve Ditko's first run from the 1960's. Fans are likely ready to see him in the new Spider-Man: Homecoming that's due out in 2017 and they should be.


He will surely be the best cinematic Spider-Man that moviegoers have ever seen.


Tobey Maguire was amazing. Andrew Garfield did an admirable job. But Tom Holland will inhabit the role like no one before him. Marvel Studios got it right, and Spider-Man's homecoming will definitely be well deserved.



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