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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Shocker

May 13, 2016




"If Daryl dies, we riot." That catchphrase has been the rallying cry for loyal Walking Dead fans for years. The highly successful AMC drama continues to captivate viewers with its intense storytelling, gritty special effects, and most of all, its popular characters.


Chief among them is Daryl Dixon, the breakout star of the show. 


While no one on The Walking Dead is safe from the undead hordes, Daryl is the one character that has brought fans together like none other. He is the backbone of the TWD, and if the day ever comes that he meets his demise, the show would be forever changed.


That very drama is now playing out on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.


The CW hit has took fans on a wild ride in its first season, as some of DC Comics' B-List heroes have time traveled their way to legendary status. The storytelling has been some of the finest to be found on any Greg Berlanti program, as LOTM has taken its place as The Justice League of the small screen.


But at the center of it all is another popular character, Leonard Snart. 


Snart is the infamous Captain Cold, a villain in the Flash's rogues gallery. Wentworth Miller turned heads as Cold, turning a somewhat hokey character into a cynical antihero. His portrayal gave a whole new life to the character, and garnered fan interest like no one believed possible.


When it was announced that Captain Cold would be part of the new Legends show, fans likely wondered how the inclusion of Snart and his partner in crime Mick Rory, would work with the proven heroes in the story.


But much like Daryl Dixon, Leonard Snart found an unlikely home with his new ragtag family. 


Snart finally found a place he belonged, with a group of people that may not have trusted him initially, but who believed in his capacity to do good. They pulled together and lifted him up, giving him a chance to prove he had the power to change his fate and do the right thing for the first time in his life. 


He did all of that and much more. Leonard Snart became a focal point for LOTM, as each week fans tuned in to see what the outlaw-turned-hero would do next. Even Rory, portrayed by Dominic Purcell, had become the Merle to Miller's Daryl. Both men were incredibly fun to watch and always unpredictable. But it was Snart that had truly come into his own, and was believed by many to be the best part of the show.


If Leonard dies, we riot.


However that seems to be exactly what happened on the May 12 edition of Legends, when Snart sacrificed himself in order to save the team. His heroic act may have been the most redeeming of his life, but it was also the most unexpected.


Where does LOTM go from here?


According to Deadline.com, Miller's role as Snart was meant to end in season one. Miller is currently filming a new season of Prison Break, and the apparent death of Captain Cold has now freed him up to appear more often between The Flash and Legends.


The most obvious question of course is how can a dead man appear anywhere after he takes his last breath? 


But anything can happen in a comic book story, and that is especially true of a time traveling comic book story. Legends of Tomorrow will continue on to season two after the May 19 season 1 finale, as new characters are expected to join at some point.


Of course, no one can replace Leonard Snart. He brought an edge to the show that cannot be denied and he will be missed as a permanent weekly fixture. But at least he is coming back in some capacity next season.


In the meantime, please keep the rioting to a minimum. 

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