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Netflix Brings New Life Back to Danger Mouse

May 24, 2016


Netflix continues to crank out one hit after another, and the latest one is Danger Mouse. The world's greatest secret agent has come across the pond to the states, and he's bringing his usual cast of characters with him.


This is one reboot that was both unexpected, yet much needed at the same time.


It was unexpected because Danger Mouse has quite the cult following, but unless kids had Nickelodeon back in the 80's he was really unknown. But for those that knew him and grew up with him, Danger Mouse's return is very important indeed.


The British animated series combined the timing of classic Looney Tunes with the wit of Monty Python, and the end result was comedy gold. Danger Mouse wasn't just silly one liners that only the younger audience could appreciate; it was clever and smart as well.


Of course "clever" and "smart" doesn't usually describe cartoon rodents fighting crime, but it's that very formula that's working once again.


This reboot has brought back the basics for the show, while adding some modern touches as well. The main heavy is still Baron Silas Greenback, who sounds more German now than before. He's still trying to take over the world, but this time he's also plugging his Youtube channel. His pet Nero and his henchman Stiletto, are also back as well.


Colonel K is back as DM's boss, but he appears more in hologram form instead of via satellite. Danger Mouse's trusted sidekick Penfold is of course by his partner's side once again, as cowardly as ever before.


Professor Squawkencluck is in the story again, but this time the character is female. Jeopardy Mouse is a new creation, and is another female character for DM. This does add an interesting twist, and possibly gives DM two love interests apart from the often mentioned Fifi from the original series.


The cast has been further extended this time around, as the agency Danger Mouse works for has some new faces. There seems to be more Danger agents, similar to the Double O classification in the James Bond universe. Danger Mackerel and Danger Moth are just two of the heroes seen during the season.


DM's rogues gallery has expanded as well, as Greenback is not the only baddie in town. Pandaminion, Dr. Loo-cifer, The Princess, and Snowman are just some of the new antagonists on Danger Mouse now.


But how could a Danger Mouse return be possible without Count Duckula in the mix? The starstruck duck is indeed back once again.


Each original character has been tweaked somewhat, but those changes are minor for the most part. The overall spirit of the show is still here, and though the voice acting is not the same, the effort put forth to do justice to these characters is evident.


The work to get this show right is obvious, and thus far the new Danger Mouse has delivered on every level. The world is a little bit safer once again.

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