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The Flash Races Zoom in Season Finale

May 25, 2016





The season finale of The Flash aired on May 24, and it turned the world upside down for long time fans of the show. In one night, Barry Allen faced his most dangerous foe in Zoom, lost his adoptive father Joe West to Earth-2 and met Earth-3's Flash as well.


It was a busy night for The Scarlet Speedster.


This episode tied in every top moment in the show's young history, while also laying the path for what's to come in season three. But the events of the story entitled "The Race of his Life" will surely be talked about until the series comes back in October.


Grieving over his father's death, Barry decides that Zoom must die. It was an uncharacteristic move for Barry, but one that was completely understood. Henry Allen was Barry's lifeline, he was the one that kept his son centered. 


Henry was the only remaining link Barry had to his mother, and fans knew that despite how many times the show swerved right instead of left, The Flash's father had to stay alive. If not, then Barry's whole world would fall.


That is the Barry Allen fans saw in this episode. But his friends would not let him go down the road of revenge.


In another uncharacteristic move, the S.T.A.R labs crew decided to lock Barry in a holding cell, and fight Zoom on their own. But when the plan backfired and Joe West was pulled into Earth-2 with Zoom, chaos ensued.


This is the part where viewers begin to question where the story was going. In a show known for its strong storytelling, there was likely more than just a little confusion happening.


Barry's inevitable race with Zoom seemed impossible to win, and that much was no surprise. This show is also known for pulling out a last minute save, and that's exactly what happened when Barry created a time remnant and won the fight. The Flash's greatest enemy was beaten, and the team could finally rest easy.


But when the mask was finally pulled off of Zoom's captive, the show stood still.


Fans were treated to the return of John Wesley Shipp, but this time he's not Henry Allen; he's Jay Garrick, aka The Flash, of Earth-3. In what was a highlight of the series so far, Shipp donned the red and gold colors of The Flash once again. 


But coming face to face with his father's doppleganger was too much for Barry, and by the end of the episode, he does something drastic.


Barry runs back in time and prevents his mother's death. His most important quest from season one was finally completed, and had that happened in season one, it would have been the perfect way to wrap up the first chapter.


But the show has taught fans that time travel is indeed a very tricky thing. Saving his mother may have seemed like the right thing to do, but what does this mean for season three?


Will Barry still be The Flash? Could his adopted family perhaps be elsewhere, or will he still be close to them? What if the Reverse-Flash is back once again? 


The Berlantiverse is impacted in so many ways in every show, as The Flash is linked to Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and even Supergirl. What, if any, after effects will be felt on these programs when The Flash returns for season three?


This show is not afraid to take chances, and this finale proves it. The Flash will be back, and fans can only wonder what surprises are in store when it does.

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