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Captain America: Civil War Outshines the Distinguished Competition

September 14, 2016

Civil War is now on DVD and Blu-Ray, and every frame is a reminder of just how good Marvel's Cinematic Universe is. While comic book fans are still lamenting the mishandling of characters in Batman v Superman, this is one story that truly delivers.


There are so many elements at play here, one of which is the relationship between Cap and Bucky.


In Steve Rogers' mind, Bucky Barnes is still the same guy that had his back in the 40's. The two were close as brothers, and Bucky was the only real friend Steve had. When no one else believed in him, Bucky did. So when the time came for Steve to return the favor as Captain America, he did just that.


When the world decided that the Winter Solidier was a menace and had to be stopped, Cap was the only one that saw the good in him. He knew that down deep, his friend was still there, waiting to be saved. All Cap had to do was reach out and help him.


The relationship between The Vision and Scarlet Witch is also explored in Civil War, which is likely leading to the romance that will inevitably follow. Scarlet Witch gives Vision some much needed humanity, and allows him to become relatable as a character. He adds more depth to her, by allowing the audience a chance to see her from his perspective.


A new perspective that's been added to the mix is of course that of Spider-Man.


This is the Webslinger that fans have been waiting for. He's young, he's funny, he's full of hope, and he's very exciting to watch. Tom Holland's performance stands out even more upon multiple viewings, as he truly does manage to hold his own among the heavy hitters of Marvel's universe. He interacts perfectly with them, and steals the show every time he's on the screen.


But of course it's Cap versus Iron Man that is the backbone of this film. It's great storytelling, with a believable conflict and plausible progression throughout. Each man has a point and a solid argument to make, and both sides are fully explained. Although Tony Stark ended up on the wrong side, he just as easily could've been right all along. Therein lies the key to why this movie works and Batman v Superman does not; in DC's universe, the characters just do not act out of logic, their fundamental ideologies are not the issue.


The only thing that matters is the fight. The reasoning behind it is extremely flawed, and is ultimately ignored in favor of the destruction that follows. 


Civil War is a hit because it's not just a comic book movie; it's an action thriller with costumes. Anyone can watch and be entertained because it's fun from start to finish.


This is moviemaking done right, and it's perhaps the best example why Marvel is winning the war against DC right now. The characters make all the difference, and the story is the most important part. Until that lesson is learned, this war will always be lopsided.

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