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Zoom's Identity Possibly Revealed on The Flash

January 28, 2016


Alternate realities are a funny thing. On one hand it's insane to imagine a different world just a few steps to the left of ours; it is a crazy theory after all. On the other hand It's a fascinating concept, one that has dazzled and occupied the minds of comic book fanboys for years. 


Just picture your own alternate doppleganger and what he or she would be doing with their lives. Would they be the President of the United States or maybe playing bass in a Who cover band? The possibilities are endless.


Therein lays the world of the DC Universe.


Alternate realities are not reserved specifically for Marvel's Distinguished Competition of course but the publisher is perhaps the most notorious offender of the big two. The Crisis storylines defined that universe and likely always will.


That storytelling is taking center stage on CW's The Flash, especially with Earth 2's Flash, Jay Garrick.


Garrick is of course livig in the reality of the Barry Allen Flash, the reality that is the focus of the show. Garrick's speed force is no longer there though his desire to fight for justice is but he's yet to regain his powers.


However fans finally got a long-standing question about Garrick answered on the January 26 edition of the show.


"The Reverse-Flash Returns" brought the issue of Jay's Earth 1 counterpart to light and fans were likely happy to see that counterpart does actually exist. But they were indeed shocked when they saw his name is Hunter Zolomon.


DC fans know that Zolomon is the alter ego of Zoom, The Flash's most dangerous enemy to date. Zoom is faster, he's smarter and he's always one step ahead of The Scarlet Speedster. Now it could very well be his identity has been revealed to audiences.


But it surely will not be that easy.


Seeing Jay's Earth 1 version is one thing but finding out his name is actually Hunter Zolomon seems too good to be true. Would fans be given the answer this quickly and if so, why? Why would The Flash's crew show their hand like this?


The fact is they probably didn't. Part of the fun with The Flash is that the show does a great job of keeping the mystery going. Fans could only speculate as to the Reverse-Flash's identity in season one; when it was revealed Harrison Wells was the man in the yellow suit, the whole tone of the show changed.


When it was later revealed that Wells was not Wells but was in fact Eobard Thawne, the story changed yet again. Now the mystery of Zoom is the primary story on Flash and the guessing game of who he is has definitely been the main point of debate.


Is he Henry Allen, Barry's father? Is he actually Barry from Earth 2? Could he be Wally West from Earth 2? Is he someone else altogether?


If Zolomon is indeed Zoom then fans will surely be treated to a great story as it unfolds. But if he's not Zoom then it would just continue the ride for all of us, which would be a great thing as well. The Flash knows how to translate the source material out of respect to the reader while also providing enough twists and turns to allow new fans respectable access.


So despite what happens from here, fans should expect more of the fun and action they've become accustomed to. The Flash delivers both consistently and there's no reason to believe that will change now.


That should make fans in any reality very happy indeed.




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