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Celebrating Carrie Fisher's Legacy as the Heart of Star Wars

December 28, 2016


The idea of a space princess was more than just a little odd in 1977. Of course the idea of a space outlaw and farmboy was odd as well. The fact is that the whole concept of Star Wars was bizarre from the start.


Was it a western? It seemed like one. Luke Skywalker was a poor kid straight from a Kansas farm, desperate to get out of town. He believed there was something more out there for him, and he wanted the chance to go look for it.


Han Solo was the rebellious cowboy that trusted no one except for his partner. He had lived a rough life but lived it on his terms, doing what he wanted any time he wanted to do it. He was no hero, and he knew it.


The mission to rescue an innocent woman from the clutches of a dastardly villain was something straight out of a John Ford movie. The wild west motif was replaced with alien worlds, but it was obvious Star Wars was a different kind of western.


But there was that princess.


Carrie Fisher brought Princess Leia to life, making her the heart of Star Wars. She made the audience care, as she drew them in with her beauty, but she kept them interested because of her attitude. This was no gentle flower that demanded to be pampered.


Leia was a badass, and she never backed down from a fight.


She more than held her own alongside the dangerous cowboy and the daring farmhand. She stood face to face with the most vicious being in the galaxy and she didn't blink. Certain death awaited her around every corner, yet she kept coming back for more.


Anyone could have been cast in the role of Princess Leia, but no one would have done it like Carrie did.


Carrie was Leia. She was sweet yet tough. She was beautiful but brash. She was a force of nature that could light up a room and make people talk about her long after she had walked out of it. She left a lasting impression, constantly reminding moviegoers that she was the glue that held Star Wars together.


Without her, Star Wars is just a sci-fi action story.


Her rescue was the focus of A New Hope. Her love for Han fueled The Empire Strikes Back. The revelation that she was Luke's twin sister turned Return of the Jedi upside down. The love for her son drove her to keep fighting the Empire in The Force Awakens.


Leia was the human element in George Lucas's universe, and she was expertly brought to life by Carrie Fisher.


The world is saddened by her loss, but the legacy she leaves behind will endure like the trilogy that made her famous. Carrie Fisher was a strong woman that fought the odds every step of the way. 


But to Star Wars fans, she's royalty.

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