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Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt is the Dream Match of WWE's New Era

April 21, 2017

Bray Wyatt versus Finn Balor is the closest thing to a modern day dream match that WWE fans can hope for. It has mystique, it has showmanship, and most importantly, it has the entertainment factor.


This is surely going to be one wild ride.


But that ride has not yet begun. Wyatt is currently on his way for redemption at Payback against WWE champion Randy Orton. Balor is believed to have received a concussion at the hands of Jinder Mahal on Monday Night Raw.


In one instance, a former champ is seeking to reclaim his throne, while another former champ may have just hit a wall.


While it's unknown what Balor's current status is, there's no denying that the Irish born Superstar has not exactly had the best of luck since arriving on WWE's main roster. Balor was supposed to have been Raw's next top guy, and that became very clear when he pinned Roman Reigns in the middle of the ring.

When he became the first ever WWE Universal champion, Balor's star had never been brighter. It was obvious that the company had found its newest babyface hero. 


But then the injury came against Seth Rollins, and Balor went on the shelf. Suddenly WWE's plans were put on hold as fans patiently awaited his return. Balor fought his way back, only to now find himself in somewhat of a tough predicament.


Assuming Balor's concussion is mild, then he should be back in action relatively soon. However if he were to get hurt again after that, then WWE fans will surely begin flashbacking to Daniel Bryan.


Hopefully Balor's situation won't come to that.

Wyatt on the other hand not only won his first major championship, he began a rivalry with one of WWE's most accomplished Superstars. The Eater of Worlds and The Viper went to war at WrestleMania 33, where many believed Wyatt could walk away with the gold.


But when Orton won, Wyatt suddenly found himself back to square one. While WWE has certainly not stopped utilizing him, it's likely that he will not regain his title at Payback.


Though Wyatt and Balor's careers may be in different spots right now, that doesn't mean the two won't come together in due time. It's a feud that's full of possibilities, and has so much to offer fans. It's one of those rare instances when two guys with similar gimmicks have the potential to connect and tell a truly captivating story.


Of all the New Era talents that could match up together and make that kind of magic, Wyatt and Balor are definitely the most popular choices.

The Eater of Worlds coming face to face with The Demon King in a dimly lit ring surrounded by fog is the kind of sight that would instantly bring chills to every fan in attendance. Each man is so committed to his character, and each man has the ability to steal the show on any given night.


When those two forces finally meet, it will indeed be an amazing moment to behold.


Of course as much as fans want it, they must also be asking if WWE will make it work. Balor versus Wyatt appears to be can't miss, a way for the company to print money from the moment the two men share the same ring at the same time.


But if their individual cases are any indication, the slope could be very slippery indeed.


WWE must play it right in order for this rivalry to benefit both sides. Both Wyatt and Balor need clear destinations on the other side of the feud. While simply pitting the two against each other would be enough to wow the crowds, fans truly want to see each man do well in the long run.


Bray had a taste of main event stardom, and deserves to have it again. Balor has everything it takes to succeed as the face of Raw, and with any luck he will stay healthy.


The Undertaker versus Sting never happened in a WWE ring, and many fans will surely lament that fact for years to come. But Balor versus Wyatt could be the next best thing for this generation of the WWE faithful. Hopefully magic will be made sooner rather than later.

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