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Logan Returns to Theaters in Gritty Black and White

April 29, 2017

Hugh Jackman is not quite finished with Wolverine.


Director James Mangold confirmed this week that Logan is returning to the big screen on May 16. This time however the film will be in black and white, as fans will get the chance to see a much grittier take on the popular mutant.


Logan was a hit with critics and comic book fans alike, but it was reportedly Jackman's last run as the character. Though Ryan Reynolds publicly advocated for a Deadpool/Wolverine crossover, it did seem as though Jackman was ready to ride off into the sunset.


Jackman's Wolverine was the modern day equivalent of Clint Eastwood's vigilante cowboy. Jackman brought heart and humility to a character that had  potential to be extremely violent at any moment. Logan was a peaceful soul trapped in the body of a warrior, and often found himself in fights he wanted no part of.


Wolverine was a tortured man, a hero that was forced to kill. He had more blood on his hands than any other Marvel character with the possible exception of The Punisher, but he fought a war that he wanted very much to walk away from.


Jackman's take on the character was exactly what Marvel needed, and he brought Wolverine to life in ways that no one could have expected in the beginning. Jackman is Wolverine for a generation of fans that love and respect him for his work.


He was born to play Wolverine, much in the same way Robert Downey Jr was born to play Iron Man. Jackman understood Logan. He knew what made the character so iconic, and he contributed a performance that will not be easily matched by the next actor to take the reins.


The black and white re-release of Logan may not cause Jackman to change his mind. Marvel may indeed move on when the time is right, and Jackman's run as Wolverine will be kept separate from the next chapter of the character.


But if there is any possibility of returning, then this may be the moment that Marvel decides to pitch Jackman on an idea he can't refuse. Fans love him in the role, and that love goes beyond the Wolverine character.


However if Jackman is indeed done, then the black and white version of Logan could be the best possible send-off he could receive. It will surely be a captivating take on a film that's already considered to be an instant classic, and arguably the best comic book film to date.




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