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Billy Corgan's Purchase of the NWA Could Mean a Rebirth of the Brand

May 2, 2017

Billy Corgan is getting back into wrestling in a very big way.


The former Smashing Pumpkins frontman and TNA President is reportedly going to purchase the National Wrestling Alliance. The NWA was founded in 1948 and at one time was the biggest pro wrestling entity in the world.


The NWA consisted of regional promotions that banded together and recognized one world champion. That champion traveled from city to city, representing the NWA and packing one house after another. It was a big deal when the champ came to town, as that guy was the top guy wearing the top title in the industry.


The NWA’s heyday came with Jim Crockett Promotions, and the 1980’s epitomized the height of the organization’s popularity. From Harley Race to Ric Flair to Dusty Rhodes, the NWA champion was consistently the man in pro wrestling, and the NWA was the most impressive collection of wrestlers in the world.

But those days are over. The NWA’s resurgence with TNA was short-lived and though the brand still exists, it’s a shadow of what it used to be. For many diehard fans, the NWA name still represents history and tradition. However for many casual fans, the NWA is hardly a blip on the radar.


All of that could very well change now. Corgan is smart, he’s savvy, and he happens to be a massive fan. But he’s not simply a spectator that wanted to get involved in the business; he does indeed understand the business. He could have walked away after TNA. He could have said enough is enough, and left the industry behind.


Instead he’s now on the eve of owning the most prestigious name in pro wrestling history. So what should he do with it?


This is Corgan’s chance to not only make a real splash in the business, but to also revitalize the National Wrestling Alliance. The NWA has instant name recognition. It has history. More importantly, it now has a future.

While it’s too early to know what Corgan will do with the NWA brand, fans are surely hoping for something big. A national TV deal, mainstream exposure, and a level of legitimacy would make the NWA a contender once again. Competition in the business is a good thing, and there may be no better time than now for the brand to be reborn.


Ring of Honor is still going strong; New Japan is working to establish itself in the states. Lucha Underground continues to deliver a captivating product. TNA may be battered, but it’s not yet beaten. WWE is offering programs for every segment of the audience now, and has a top notch network to make that audience happy. It’s indeed a great time to be a wrestling fan.


With hard work and patience, the NWA could once again become a force in the industry. The potential is there for big things to happen, and now there’s an owner that surely has the vision to make it all happen. 


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